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New Work: “Welcome Home”

Welcome Home: 5" x 7" two plate linocut print, printed on Rives BFK

Richard and I just moved from South Beach back to the area I lived in when I first moved to San Francisco, and we first started dating. We’ve been in the new place for a couple weeks now, and it already feels like we’re more in the city than we were before: closer to friends, closer to things to do in the evenings, and more in a neighborhood. I was in the studio on a Wednesday evening, just days before we moved, and I wanted to commemorate our new home. This is what came out. It’s not a literal drawing of the front gate and building, but it sort of takes the elements and rearranges them a bit. It’s one of the first things I’ve done where I just drew directly on the plate before carving, instead of doing a drawing first. Of course, I forgot to reverse it, so I still wound up tracing what I’d drawn, cleaning off the plates, and then re-drawing it. Sigh.