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New Work: “Candlestick Point”

Candlestick Point: 8" x 10" linocut print, printed on Magnani Pescia

A dear friend sent me a photograph she took from Candlestick Point shortly after I made a print of a canal in Amsterdam. She noted that I’d been working with images of water, and thought of me when she looked out over the bay. I’ve been thinking about the image for a while, and started working on the actual print a couple months ago. I was finally ready to print on Wednesday.

Plate midway through carving

In this case I made a drawing from the photograph, transferred it the lino plate, and then starting thinking about how to actually carve things away. I was about 90% of the way done when I scanned the plate, as an experiement. I think it’s pretty interesting to look at, too. The rocks, in particular, are something new for me. It’s taken me a while to ease into using parallel lines like that to indicate shading and shape. It’s a technique I’ve seen others use very effectively, and I’m excited to develop it for my own work.