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Draft Work: “Fast Pass”

Fast Pass: 3" x 5" two plate linocut print

Last week when I was printing my line study, I had a couple extra hours in the studio. I’d previously drawn the plates for a Fast Pass double-plate print, so I quickly carved it as a fun distraction. The Fast Pass was the SFMTA monthly pass card when I moved to San Francisco in 2007. It’s since been supplanted by Clipper, but most of my friends have some emotional attachment to the Fast Pass. You had to get a new one every month, and the colors changed each time, often appearing almost seasonable. I have a collection of the Fast Passes that passed through my hands, and it seems like I’m not alone .

As a draft print that took about 90 minutes to carve, I’m happy with the result. I’m particularly happy with how the MUNI logos came out. This is one of the first prints I’ve done with text on it, so I think the next thing I’d like to work on is cleaning up the text carving a bit.