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Guys! I made Shorts!

I’ve been sewing for about a year now, and I’ve made a handful of button down shirts, some gym shorts, baby clothes for my niece, and a peacoat for my guy. But up until this weekend I hadn’t tackled… bottoms. That changed Saturday, when I traced out the Thread Theory Jedediah Pants pattern and set out to make a pair of shorts. About a month ago I found some beautiful navy corduroy; there were two yards left on the bolt, and I thought, ”shorts”. Having never made them, however, I wanted a practice round before using the “good” fabric. When I found this print corduroy in Stone Mountain & Daughters half price bin last week, I knew I had my practice material.

And they turned out great.

I’ve been making muslins for a while when I try a new pattern, and I have to say making my test garment out of “real” fabric is a lot more satisfying. I found myself less inclined to cut corners (“this is the test one; for the real one I’d actually set the lining”) and the process felt like more fun that chore. And that’s what this is supposed to be: fun.

Things I want to remember for next time:

  • Flip the pocket stitching pattern so the pockets mirror one another
  • Maybe experiment with a different pattern? Or no pattern at all?
  • The inseam is way too long for my liking — whack off half from the start.
  • Pay closer attention to the fly facings… it turned out fine, but it seems like I must have missed something.