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Oh hai.

Hi, my name is Nathan, and I’m a writer and printmaker . Some days I write code, and some days I write words . Some days I write words about writing code . Occasionally I write about free software .

I previously worked at Creative Commons , serving as Chief Technology Officer from 2007-2011. While there I was responsible for CC Publisher, the web services for integrating licensing, and architecting and building the license infrastructure. In 2008, I co-authored the CC Rights Expression Language specification (CC REL), which provides a technical model for describing licenses. I also developed the technical and metadata architecture for Creative Commons’ public domain tools, and a digital copyright registry, CC Network, based on linked data. I was the primary architect of Creative Commons’ search and discovery work, developing prototype search tools for open educational resources based on linked data and aggregation.

(Yergler, 2011)

I was introduced to monotype and linocut print making by Katie Gilmartin in 2011.

My monotype work often involves exploring how stencils can be used to combine very graphical qualities with the one-off nature of monotype.

Some of my work is available here.